Saturday, 27 February 2010 15:43

Beth is feeling a little better!

Good news, Beth is feeling a bit better the last few days.  Although she still has a cough, it does appear to be clearing up, and she is starting to increase her food intake again, which is another good sign.

We have also been able to get the ABR machine onto her a lot more in the last few days, without any complaint, so that is another bonus.

We had physio come out this week, and she has had a look at the information we supplied concerning the HOPSA dress, and she likes the look of it.  She is going to see whether we can get it through any funded means if possible.  She is also going to start the process of with getting a stander for Beth as well.  I passed on to her a link to Leonid's videos on the standing frame, so we are interested to see what comments she has to make. 


Physio also gave us the contact details of the incontinence support people, which we have contacted and they are going to arrange to come out to assess Beth - if it works out they may be able to help support with supply of nappies for Beth.


Latest news on the new arrival also known as baby "Bean" at the moment, is that the ultrasound showed steady growth, slowing a little - now on the 90% centile for weight.   All looks good in terms of brain etc, and the obstetrician is happy with progress.  Apprecaite your continued prayers for a safe arrival for bub and mum and for a healthy little one!

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