Beth Gets Stander and HOPSA dress


Recently our Physio has trialled Beth in a number of standers and we have obtained funding from KidsFund to get one.  It is being delivered now.  This will provide Beth with a vertial "weight bearing" position, which will be a good change.  The only thing I don't like about the stander is the fact that she is strapped in so tight, she has very little movement.  To me it doesn't look like a "fun" thing for her.  That is why we looked into and got Beth a HOPSA dress.


The HOPSA dress also puts Beth into a new vertical position for her, and is more like a swing/sling.  This means that Beth is able to have her hands and legs free to move around far more than in a stander.  We like this as it allows more interaction in this positon.  See the photos below to see how good Beth looks.  We only added a couple of supporting wraps one at the back of her head and one across her chest, although she didn't really need them, they were just to provide extra stabilisation.


We purchased the HOPSA dress from CAP Educational - who were great and so flexible with us - we highly recommend them - they have a range of educational products and accessories.  They can be contacted at 07 3713 7120 or admin@capedu.com.au.








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