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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 17:07

Ultrasound of new Bub all clear


Jo had the 32 week ultrasound this week for our new bub, and the good news is that everything so far is looking good.  Well even more than good - this bub is a big one!  It's already at approx 2.3Kg which is just 200g less than Beth was at birth!  If it keeps growing according to average, it will be 4.5Kg at birth but of course depends on whether it slows down etc.


Anyhow great news to hear that all looks ok, and the bub is growing well!!!  The thing that came up on Beth's ultrasound was that she had larger than average ventricles (we didn't know it was lissencephaly at the time), but this little one has average, normal ones for now.  Thank the Lord!

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