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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 09:20

Beth getting over a cold or flu


Unfortunately Beth came down with a runny nose and a sneeze last week, and has been getting over it every since.  Couple of really annoying days where she was having more difficultly eating because of the blocked nose and whatever else blocking her sinuses and getting into her throat - she vomited twice as she was eating due to the nose being blocked, then food blocking he mouth/throat, so the only way for her to clear it was to vomit up - at least it also cleared out the yuck in the back of her throat as well.


But all that said, otherwise she has been going well.  We have seen the signs of some "stucky" seizures here and there, but that could simply be due to the cold/flu - she did have a few periods with a temperature.  And of course she had to pass it onto daddy who has been battling with it this last weekend.  But we are both feeling much better now!


Timothy is going and growing well - he has avoided the cold thus far, we are praying it stays that way.  Jo has also narrowly avoided the cold, she ha a couple of days with a sore throat, but we all started full on wit the garlic, vitamin C and Barley Life and she managed to avoid it.  So Jo has been mainly looking after the little man so he didn't catch anything and I have been looking after Beth as we were in it together anyhow!!!


Tim has put on heaps of weight and is still quite demanding for his bottle - so all is well thus far and we are still noticing little things he does that Bethy didn't.  We go back to see our pediatrician for both Tim and Beth next week.  We even had a night up in Sydney with Jo's mum and dad which was Tim's first long car trip and adventure - all good - he's like Beth and sleeps in the car which is GREAT!


Thanks to all the parents for their help the last few weeks, it has been greatly appreciated.  We have also been able to arrange some respite assistance for the next three weeks - 3 hours a day someone will come and help out and look after Beth.  We have also applied for some additional in home childcare assistance, but are not sure whether that will be granted - will have to wait and see.