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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 07:12

Beth Has a Cold

This week Beth has developed cold like symptoms - gurgly in her throat, gunk in her nose.  It doesn't appear to be too bad, but as it is coming into winter over here, we hope it doesn't develop into anything more.  We are dosing her up on vitamins, applying the vicks, and seeing how things go.  This has also not helped her seizures which are still occurring.  We appreciate your prayers for her.  We've also managed to get an extension to the help we have had - for the last three weeks we had assistance from a volunteer who came in to look after Beth for 3 hours a day, just so we can get things back on an even keel.  We have been able to get an additional 3 weeks of assistance for 3 hours a day for only three days a week, but it all helps!

Tim so far has avoided catching anything, and we hope he remains that way.  He is now actively tracking us, more intently staring at us and we have been able to get some good smiles out of him as well!  He seems to be settling a little which is good, and once or twice he has skipped his early morning feed, and we have had a chance to sleep through...  it's great to get a taste of a full nights sleep again!

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