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Thursday, 05 June 2008 17:52

Beth started having staring seizures at six months of age, which is a common time for seizures to start for children with lissencephaly.  We think it may have something to do with a growth spurt that children apparently get around this age which might have triggered it, or the other change that happened around the same time was that she started eating some solids as well.

At first Beth only had one or two short ones a day, but then they increased to multiple times a day and then they increased to longer durations.  She was still breathing during the seizures so we knew there wasn't a life threating situation, but she was unresponsive to us calling and touching her during them - she would simply look up and to the right.  Later this changed and she sometimes looked to the left or just in a fixed spot.

She was more sleepy after these seizures but we did not notice a huge amount of extra sleep. 

She had an EEG (test to monitor brain waves and patterns) while in hospital, which showed generalised epiletic activity, but with a bit higher than average amplitude. This EEG has become our "baseline".