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Thursday, 05 June 2008 17:56

As we have gone along with Beth and been in contact with other parents of children with Lissencephaly and just in passing contact with other folks, we have come across many suggestions and alternatives that may be able to assist Beth.  We are going to document them here to let folks know what we have tried, what we are looking at and what the results have been, in hope it may assist.  Bear in mind that what has happened with Beth may not necessarily be applicable to anyone else as each child is totally unique and individual.


We have a simple criteria when looking at suggestions that may or may not assist Beth, which helps us to determine which to try and which not to:
            - It must not harm or have the potential to harm Beth
            - Is there a level of science behind it that shows it to have potential to help
            - Is there anecdotal evidence anywhere of it helping others in similar situation


We don't want to be experimenting with all sorts of things on Beth, but we definitely do want to give her every chance with anything that could possibly help.


As lissencephaly is a structural and genetic defect, short of something like gene therapy and stem cell research, neither of which are at a sufficient level yet, it is a condition where there are no "cures" out there for it.  So in these alternatives we are not looking for cure, but for alleviating of symptoms, avoidance of future conditions and improvement in Beth's quality of life.


On this basis, here are the things we have/are trying with Beth.

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