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Thursday, 05 June 2008 17:57

Both Jo and I have used barley grass supplements ourselves for a number of years. We have found them to be beneficial in terms of reducing the incidence of cold/flu and generally in improving our well being.  As such, from about 7 months of age on we have given Beth small amounts of barley grass (we use AIM BarleyLife) in pureed apples off and on. 


There are a whole variety of barley grass vendors on the market and the quality, as with all supplements, varies significantly.  All obviously claim to have high quality, but from our investigations we have found AIM to be one of the most reputable vendors for this product.


This supplement met the requirements in that it could not hard Beth, would provide a "multi-vitamin" style supplement suitable for her young age, that would also help with her nutrition, and we believe it has been helpful for her.


We can't really quantify the results of this; Although seemingly avoiding a couple of bugs going around during the just ended winter, Beth still did get a nasty vomiting bug (I don't expect multivitamins to prevent such necessarily) and has also caught one cold right at the tail end of winter off me.  On the other hand we did up the amount given during Beth's hospitalisations and despite all the germs in the hospital Beth avoided catching anything then, even while on the immune suppressing drug prednisone.


If you are interested in obtaining AIM BarleyLife or any other AIM products in Australia, please contact Don on 02 9834 6973.

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