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Thursday, 05 June 2008 17:58

We have all heard of the good things that Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils can provide the body, and in particular their importance in relation to the brain.  We also heard anecdotally from other parents of lissencephaly children that fish oil seemed to provide an enhancing effect to seizure medication.  So although it would not stop seizures in itself this supplement may increase the effectiveness of seizure medications to some degree, which may then result in a reduction in dosage required.


Based on this we were keen to try this supplement.  All the normal supplements are generally capsule based which obviously are not suitable.  We were put onto a brand called Metagenics Ultra DHA fish oil, which came as an oil and you could simply add it to food.  After an appointment with a naturopath (Metagenics are not over the counter per say, you need a practitioner's "recommendation" to purchase Metagenics products), we obtained the supplement and started adding 0.3ml of the oils to Beth's meals (twice daily).


Our speech therapist noted to us that oils, of any sort, are the worst substance for Beth to aspirate, if she is aspirating her food.  Aspiration is where food or liquid goes down the wrong way and ends up in the lungs, and then bacteria in the aspirated materials can infect the lungs and result in chest infection/pneumonia.  This only serves to weaken the lungs and chest and over time can have a cumulative effect resulting in respairitory problems.


So bearing this in mind, we only gave the supplement to Beth in food of consistency she was very comfortable with, and where she showed no signs of coughing/gagging which is where a higher risk of aspiration occurs.


We had to discontinue giving this to her during her cold/flu as she was so stuffed up and gurgling, even during eating that we did not want to take any risks.


Otherwise, we have had no issues with the supplement, but we have no definitive results to report either; we did not notice any significant reduction in seizures after introducing it.  That said we have not been able to keep the conditions static either - we have been changing dosages of the medication etc throughout.


Again, this supplement cannot really hurt Beth, so long as she does not aspirate it. It will possibly help her brain development to some degree longer term.  If it enhances the seizure medication to any degree, that is a bonus from our point of view.

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