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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 18:02

If you wish to purchase essential oils, be careful that you get theraputic grade oils - many oils today are extracted via chemical processes and/or are diluted with chemicals which could have very negative effects, especially for seizures.  Here is what I have learned in signing up with Young Living, a reputable supplier of theraputic grade oils that will help you to get started.

 There are three levels of price and customer within Young Living -
            - Retail customer (RRP)
            - Preferred Customer (12% discount on RRP)
            - Distributor (24% discount on RRP)

To get the preferred customer discount, you must enroll in an auto-ship, i.e. a monthly order on a certain day of a minimum value, which you can discontinue at any time (and go back to retail pricing). 

Having an auto-ship also gathers you rewards based on the value of your purchases which you can then redeem for products.  All products have a "point value" based on their USD pricing.  Before you stop your auto-ship be sure to use up any reward value your have.

The discount makes it very worthwhile to become a distributor.  A lot of people sign up as distributors simply because of this.  To become a distributor you need to purchase a "start living kit" at $45 on your first auto-ship order, but you will save this amount on your orders due to the discount in a short time.  There are no sales targets or other commitments.

So in our case, we signed up as distributors and will be purchasing the different oils mentioned above over 3-4 months of auto-ships to try each one out with Beth. If we find it works, we will continue purchasing, otherwise we just discontinue the whole thing, after using up any reward points.

You can't sign up to be a distributor on the website, you need to download the distributor form and send (fax/mail) it through along with your first order form. When you sign up you quote your enroller/sponsor details (see below in blue), and you join as a distributor underneath them.  They become your "upline" and your point of contact for questions and information.  They do receive certain bonuses based on the total amount you order as well, but this is a bonus from the company.

If you do join Young Living as a result of Beth's story, please quote "Evan L" as your sponsor/enroller, member number 1032110.  We are not seeking to make this a business but any extra bonuses received will go entirely towards helping Beth.  Please contact me if you wish any further information.

Our first order would be pretty typical and contained (prices AUD indicative as at Sep 2009):
        - An ultrasonic diffuser (Wholesale $119.00, RRP $156.58) - allows you
          to diffuse oils.  Requires about 3-5 drops of oil and lasts for hours, filling a
          room in 20mins or so.
        - V-6 Vegtable Oil 460ml (Wholesale $29.75, RRP $39.14) as a carrier oil
           for dilution of essential oils for massage etc - Note you can use any
           quality cold pressed vegetable oil by different oils have different rates of
           absorption by the skin, this one is good etc.
        -  Start Living Kit ($45.00) enabled you to become a distributor - comes
           with 5ml Peppermint oil, 5ml Lavender oil, samples of other products,
           CD/DVD information on products, price lists and product guide.
        - Then one or two oils of your choice to start off with, we went with
          Peppermint and Valor, which were approx $30 (w/sale) for 15ml of each.

In Australia alternative therapy/complimentary medicine companies are not allowed to make claims as to what the oils can treat etc, so this information is not supplied by Young Living in the kit or on their website. 

You will need a reference book which explains to you which oils are for what, and apparently the one to have is the Essential Oils Desk Reference. This describes the various techniques of how to use the oils, plus each oil in detail, plus various conditions and the best oils that can assist. It is $65 odd plus postage. 

So the total outlay upfront for us was $320 odd dollars.  If you haven't figured it out yet essential oils are NOT cheap, but you do only use DROPS of them at a time.

You should note that the more exotic oils like Frankincense and Helichrysum cost a lot more again - approx $100 for a bottle (15ml Frankincense or 5ml Helichrysum).  

From my point of view,  if we can afford it and if it works, then great.  If not, well we stop using them and it's been a pleasant smelling if somewhat expensive exercise!  But the benefit if they work, to even reduce seizures somewhat, is enormous.

It is best to choose 2-3 oils and 2-3 different delivery methods to try at any one time.  Too many is too complicated and can also become something that takes a lot of time. 

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