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Sunday, 05 October 2008 21:53

We started Beth onto Epilim - we got crushable tablets (100mg) and started on half a tablet twice daily, to be increased by half a tablet twice daily upto a maximum of 150mg twice daily.  We allowed a week between increases in dosage to observe any effect.  We did not change the Vigabatrin during this period.


Unfortunately we did not note any improvement to seizures, infact, there was no improvement at all after 6 weeks or so and seemingly seizures were still increasing in frequency.  Epilim has one negative side effect which can be significant liver damage, but apparently this only manifests when there is already a serious liver condition.  We had a blood test to check for any risk of this.

Thus we began to wean Beth off the Epilim as there was clearly no benefit to her.  We did not notice any negative side effects of the Epilim per say on Beth, although she did not seem as happy as usual.  We have been told you can wean off Epilim twice as fast as you go onto it. 


At the end after we had taken her off it entirely, she actually stopped having seizures.  However in that same week, there was a number of other possible factors of change - she was constipated and in pain and had to have a number of enemas to clear her out; she also had her 12 month vaccinations in that week and we had also started diffusing the essential oil helichrysum around her.  After this time she had two months clear of seizures (Jan/Feb 09), but now seizures have started to return again.

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