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Helichrysum Essential Oil 

In late December 2008 we began trying an essential oil called Helichrysum, diffusing it around Beth while she was sleeping for 20 minutes morning and night.  It was after this this that Beth stopped having seizures.  However, please note that there were also a number of other changes for Beth in that exact same week - namely, coming entirely off the drug Epilim, being constipated and in pain requiring enemas to get her going again, and also receiving her 12 month vaccinations (catching up where we left off).  That said, we have since stopped using Helichrysum at least three times for periods of 2-3 days and have seen an increase in seizure activity which reduced again when we started diffusing Helichrysum.



We are unsure which, if any of these events specifically or in combination contributed to the stop of her seizures, we are very thankful regardless that they have.  However, from our limited understanding:

  • Vaccinations should not have caused such a change - her previous vaccinations caused a slight temperature which did occurr again this time, but was treated with some panadol without further issues. 
  • Coming off an anti-epileptic drug (Epilim) should not have caused a stop in seizures - the neuro confirms it should either work or not, and it is a fairly common drug with minimal side effects. 
  • The constipation and the enemas while uncomfortable and causing her pain really should have little to no relation to seizure activity - and if anything you would think it should increase it rather than stop it.

Thus we are left with the distinct possibility that the essential oil introduced had an effect on her seizures. 

We have tried a number of essential oils, but with Helichrysum we seem to have found an effect.

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