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Supplements Finalised

We visited the naturopath this week as well and finalised the supplments w are going to give to Beth, and this also included changing to a couple of easier to dispense forms of supplment.

The following are the supplments, based on the hair mineral test and other information we have, that we have decided to give Beth.  Remember that this is based on her age, weight and the mineral test analysis.  We plan to have another hair mineral test anlaysis in approx 3-4 months to recheck levels.


Per day:

Magnesium - 100mg from Calcifactors

Calcium  - 200mg from Calcifactors

Vitamin C - 200mg from Blackmores Bio C powder with Bioflavonoids, 41mg from Calcifactors, 12.5mg from Organic Iron Plus

Selenium -  75 micrograms from Metagenics Selenium Drink

Zinc - 4.5mg from Metagenics Selenium Drink and Calcifactors

Vitamin B1 - 0.5mg Organic Iron Plus

Viatamin B2 - 0.5mg from Organic Iron Plus

Vitamin B6 - 1.75mg from Metagenics Selenium Drink 

Manganese - 1mg from Calcifactors

Vitamin D3 - 200IU from Calcifactors

Iron - 5mg from Organic Iron Plus

Folic Acid - 100mcg from Organic Iron Plus

Taurine - 125mg from Orthoplex Taurine

DHA Fish Oil - 0.5ml From Metagenics Ultra DHA Liquid


Which equates to:

Calcifactors: 1/2 teaspoon morning, 1/4 teaspoon evening

Selenium Drink: 10 drops per day

Organic Iron Plus: 5ml per day

Bio C Powder: 1/8th spoon twice a day (total 1/4 spoon)

Orthoplex Taurine: 1/4 tablet per day

DHA Fish Oil: 0.5ml



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