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Thursday, 26 November 2009 15:55

Our neurologist has added another drug to try which is Mogadon, the active ingredient is Nitrazepam.  This apparently belongs to the same family of drugs as the clonezapam and a few others.  He states that some kids with infantile spasms have responded very well to this, but that it is unfortunately a drug that the body builds up a tolerance to, so you have to continually increase the dose until it is not longer effective then come off it for a period.


Modadon is a sleeping tablet as far as we are aware but it has an effect in calming the brain as well from a seizure point of view.


It also is suppossed to have the benefit that it acts more quickly than say vigabatrin, which has to be absorbed into the bloodstream and build up over a couple of weeks before becoming effective.


Bethany has not had any side effects to this - one is suppossed to be drowsiness, so we are meant to give it to her about half an hour before sleep - however, for Beth, she does not actually seem to become drowsy because of it.  At first it seemed she went more hyperactive than drowsy, but that has subsided.


We started out on a very small dose - 1/8th of a 5mg tablet per day.  We are now at 3/8ths of a tablet per day.

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