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Monday, 21 April 2008 17:42

The physio has been a couple of times since the last entry, but no real additional changes to Beth's routine.  Still focused on trying to get Beth towards rolling, improving her head control, keeping her tone up and unclenching her hands.

Beth does seem to have a bit of a preference for one side over the other and we are trying to work on that so that she doesn't.  The physio advises that left/right handedness and that sort of preference does not appear until later, so this preference is something else, and we should try and get Beth to not really have any preference right now.

We also noted during physio that Beth was very objectionable to us touching her shoulders and moving her arms.  This is an area we need to increase touching in to desensitise it a bit more.

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Friday, 28 March 2008 17:42

Beth again was a very happy girl!  Had a good session with the physio who also showed us some more things in relation to changing/dressing as well.  She is happy with Beth's progress and although Beth still prefers turning to one side than the other, it does seem to be getting a little better and we are to keep encouraging her to turn and look on the other side! 

We also need to work on Beth's hands and arms to desensitise them a little as she does get a little annoyed at holding her hand or arm... 

She showed us also:

  • When changing, don't hold Beth's feet up together in one hand, lifting her bottom off the change mat, instead use this time to exercise her torso by pushing the feet back towards her chest, resulting in a "scrunching" up of her tummy etc that she can help with.  It also encourages her to open and bend her legs rather than being "strung up" by her legs in your hand.  This is also the same movement that Beth needs to master to begin a roll.
  • Also when clothing, open up and roll up the sleeves and legs rather than trying to pull her arms or legs through, this reduces the hassle the bub has with getting legs and arms caught up and then unable to move them while dressing
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Tuesday, 18 March 2008 17:41

This time Beth was a lot better, a very happy girl.  The PT was very happy.  Within the first 10 minutes had Beth on both sides, and on her tummy and she was still smiling!

She showed us also:

  • To get Beth used to putting her feet flat on the floor to assist in weight bearing and in preparation for walking eventually, by kneeling down on the floor, sitting Beth on your knees leaning forward slightly, and making sure her feet are flat on the floor.


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Tuesday, 11 March 2008 17:40

The physio had a quick play with Beth, but unfortunately Beth wasn't very happy. She didn't have too much sleep and wasn't very happy with it all.  Tried to get Beth rolling and opening her hands.

She indicated that Beth seemed to dislike the right side of her body more than the left.  Suggested that we try and feed her on both sides. Showed us some things to help her try and roll.  Also suggested that Beth might need more sleep throughout the day as well as she was only having one-two hours throughout the day, and she was very cranky!

  • To help assist in rolling, put her legs up into her stomach, not all the way, and her hands onto her knees as best as you are able, then roll her to one side or the other.
  • Lifting the bottom up will also work her abdominal muscles to increase tone in her torso.
  • Try and encourage Beth to grab with her hands - open her hands, rubbing on them to stimulate them and encourage grasping.
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Friday, 29 February 2008 17:39

The physio had a good play with Beth.  Beth really took to her, she got lots of smiles and even some good "talking" sounds as well!  Beth really likes getting attention I think!!!  The Physio was really quite happy with how she's going - she's doing very well.

The Physio first thought that Beth might not be "seeing" her too well, but by the end of it felt that she was seeing although turning her head to the "left" was more difficult than turning "right".  She was definitely hearing well and responding very well.

Head control was the main thing, and the Physio was encouraged that Beth was already able to hold her head in the center without difficulty - i.e. to look straight up at you, rather than lolling to one side or the other.  Apparently this is a four month skill anyhow, and Beth's a little bit ahead on it!!!  She then showed us a number of different things to assist us in building up her head control:

  • Holding Beth so that it encourages her to work on holding her head - instead of supporting her neck and head as much, hold her so that her head/neck are a bit more free.  This will encourage her to look up and around and develop her control.  The hold we were shown was from under one arm then across the front of the chest and under her leg.
  • When changing Beth and picking her up and putting her down, do it in such a way as to put her down on her tummy then roll her over onto her back.  This again makes Beth work at it, rather than just putting her down on her back while her neck is supported.  From the hold shown above, you put her down on her tummy then slowly roll her over, again without too much support of the head/neck.
  • Tummy time - instead of straight on the floor, as she didn't like that so much, put her on her tummy but on Mum or Dad's chest.  We had already started doing this and the Physio confirmed that's what she would have recommended anyhow.
  • She showed Dad also how to encourage her to track visually a little better - at this point we need to "engage" Beth's vision from the center - i.e. beth facing straight up while on her back, and get her eye contact, then move slowly to one side or the other for her to follow. She will follow mum and dad's face better than objects, but can also try with the contrasting black and while cards as well.  This is better than simply approaching Beth on the side and calling to her to look at you, and will encourage her head control as well.

The physio was also quite happy with how Beth was kicking and batting and also said to continue to give her time underneath the hanger with her toys and to move it between her hands and feet to let her bat away at then.

This was just an initial time during the "assessment" from DADHC, rather than a full session, and we have another appointment in just over a week's time.  We want to ask the physio about stretches,  elevating her sleeping a little, torso strengthening, ways to stop Beth arching her back so much...

Asked the Lissencephaly Loop about initial exercises PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 February 2008 17:37

We asked on the lissencephaly loop about what other parents had found to be useful in terms of initial exercise and visual stimulation.  Here is a quick summary of what were very helpful responses:

  • Above all everyone encouraged us to just enjoy the time and play with Beth; don't let trying to get an exercise plan or "doing things to help her" overshadow just having good quality time with her.  Some children with liss can get touch sensitive or stiffness in their limbs so this helps.
  • A number of parents mentioned baby massage - gentle stroking and rubbing without loosing skin contact helped their little ones relax.
  • Stretches were also mentioned, but the physio would need to show us how to do them.
  • Using a black cardboard behind a toy or object to remove visual clutter, trying to get Beth to focus and track was a good tip as well.

We had already started showing Beth black and white contrasting flashcards with geometric patterns and shapes, and were already doing plenty of tummy time, although Beth didn't like being too much on her tummy after a while.  Dad has also built her a little hanger which we can put over the top of her, and suspend toys from, and Mum has picked out some toys and suspended them by ribbon.  She likes to kick and "bat" at them.