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In late December 2008 we began trying an essential oil called Helichrysum, diffusing it around Beth while she was sleeping for 20 minutes morning and night.  It was after this this that Beth stopped having seizures.  However, please note that there were also a number of other changes for Beth in that exact same week - namely, coming entirely off the drug Epilim, being constipated and in pain requiring enemas to get her going again, and also receiving her 12 month vaccinations (catching up where we left off).  That said, we have since stopped using Helichrysum at least three times for periods of 2-3 days and have seen an increase in seizure activity which reduced again when we started diffusing Helichrysum.


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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 18:02

If you wish to purchase essential oils, be careful that you get theraputic grade oils - many oils today are extracted via chemical processes and/or are diluted with chemicals which could have very negative effects, especially for seizures.  Here is what I have learned in signing up with Young Living, a reputable supplier of theraputic grade oils that will help you to get started.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 18:01

It has been one week since starting diffussion of Peppermit (2x30mins daily, 3 drops of oil and diffusser set on midway between min and max) and massage of Valor onto Beth's feet (two drops valor to 8 drops vegtable oils twice daily).  Overall we have not noticed significant change in seizure levels up or down, although Jo believes that when we have missed a foot massage which has happened twice, seizures did tend to be more prevalent in the 12 hours afterwards.

Hence we will now increase the amount of these oils, by setting the diffuser to maximum and also increase the valor to 3 drops plus 6 drops of vegetable oil.

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Thursday, 05 June 2008 18:00

Friends of ours related some experiences they had with essential oils (often known as aromatherapy), and suggested that these may be of help to Beth.


To be honest I have always been skeptical of aromatherapy, however, one cannot deny that smells and airborne chemicals do play a role in many physical and physiological  effects.  After hearing some accounts of where oils have been helpful, and considering again that this was a natural oil and of no harm to Beth, we decided that it would be worth looking into.  If nothing else it would leave the house smelling better, and it may even have positive effects upon us as well as Beth.


We signed up with a company called Young Living upon recommendation from friends, who appear to have a high quality product.  It is distributed on a network marketing basis - so that when we sign up we nominate who enrolled us and then our friends also get some benefits from our purchases as well.  Both our friends and ourselves have not signed up to use this product as an income generating tool, but we simply want see whether it can be of benefit to Bethany.  If you feel like trying essential oils yourself, after reading below, you can find details on how to join up and get the best prices from Young Living, and if you nominate us as your enroller/sponsor, Beth will get some benefits  from the company with no impact to you.

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